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K and J Cellars: 404-431-5217
Wine Workshop and Brew Center: 404-228-5211
Distributors of Fine Wine Making Juices
K and J Cellars was formed in mid 2010 after its founders discovered that access to affordable wine making juice in the Southeast was very difficult.  Starting their own business seemed to be to only solution. They now supply  products to individuals through local home brewing shops.
K and J Cellars uses the Internet to familiarize home winemakers with the simplicity of making wine using fresh juices. Our fresh wine making juices are distributed two times a year.
K and J Cellars strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced, fresh wine making juices.
K and J Cellars is located in Lilburn, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Our new partners, Wine Workshop and Brew Center, are located in Decatur Georgia. This facility is easily accessible from Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama, Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee, Greenville and Columbia, South Carolina, Ashville, North Carolina, Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida and many other cities in the Southeast.

Have you thought about making wine? I mean really good wine…the type that your grandfather would be proud of. K and J Cellars in conjunction with Wine Workshop and Brew Center offer you a chance to make wine like your great grandfather used to make, but without the hassle.  All you do is pick up the juice, open the bucket, stir the fragrant varietal mix, add some yeast, and let it ferment. Within a few weeks, you will have a good basic wine. But if you wait a few months, you will have a great fine wine. 


Now in full swing for Fall delivery, we are offering both California and Italian juices ready to be made into great tasting wine. Check out the list by clicking the Products button.


Don’t be left out! We are taking pre-orders now October delivery. Join us for the “best thing since sliced bread”…K and J Cellars, Fresh Wine Juices.

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California and Italian Juices now available for pre-order!
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